DTEC PETROLEUM GROUP recognizes Quality as an essential element that provides the Company with its continued success within the International engineering and construction industry.

Consequently, it is DTEC PETROLEUM GROUP policy to provide our Clients with products and services which fully meet their specified requirement and expectations and comply with relevant regulations, codes and standards.

This policy implement in all areas of operations by:

  • Maintaining a Quality Management System meet the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.
  • Ensuring a clear understanding of our Client’s requirements.
  • Responding to client’s needs and expectations.
  • Enabling all our employees to meet quality requirements and striving to achieve good work first time, every time and on time.

The Management of DTEC PETROLEUM GROUP is committed to active participation in the implementation and regular review of the Quality Management System and the establishment of a corporate climate, which encourage excellence through continuous improvement.


Top Management of DTEC PETROLEUM GROUP has established Quality Objectives at relevant functions, levels and processes within the organization. The objectives are consistent with the Quality policy including our commitment to enhance client satisfaction, continual improvement and comply with applicable requirement.

Our Quality Objectives are:

  • To ensure ZERO INCIDENT OR ACCIDENT at project site.
  • To attain more than 80% client satisfaction.
  • To ensure nonconformity report issued by client is not more than five (5) per project.
  • To ensure TIMELY COMPLETION for every project.
  • To ensure at least 80% training plan completion.
  • To ensure discrepancy between actual project cost and budget is not more than 5%.

Consistent with this policy, specific quality objectives at relevant functions and all levels within DTEC organization. By mutual encouragement, commitment and cooperation through teamwork, all DTEC employees will perform their task diligently in contribution to the achievement of our quality objectives.

These objectives will be regularly measured and reflected to ensure our strategic objective to maintain in high quality standard.

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